About SNAP

Welcome to SNAP (my dad’s word for grub/food/snacks). This blog stems out of a love of all things food-related. My aim is to take a photograph a day of something we’ve eaten, baked or made, for a whole year, the good as well as the bad. 

The recipes will reflect some of my food-interests:

  • Eating less meat, more veg.
  • Using everything in our weekly veg box. 
  • Cooking for a family on a budget. 
  • How to encourage recluctant children to like good food. 
  • And how to make recipes gluten & dairy-free. There’s nothing I’d like more than to sink my teeth into a Calzone, but since having children I’m intolerant to both (Booo!) 

My name is Sarah & I live in Norwich, (although in my heart I’ll always be a Northerner!), with my husband Tom & our children Daisy (7) & Ollie (4). 


I am a primary teacher, but after having Ollie I took a break from it, and am now just teaching a bit of drama. Ollie will start school in September and Daisy is in Year 3, so there will be a fair amount of family life in this blog too! 

I’d love any feedback or recipe suggestions, so please feel free to comment at the end of posts. 

If you would like to receive posts directly to your in-box, please click the ‘follow’ tab at the top or bottom of the blog (not always possible if viewing on a phone). 

Thank you for reading and happy eating! 

Sarah X

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