Fried Potatoes and Eggs

A short post tonight, in fact lack of wifi nearly meant no post at all. We have finally made it to our wonderful weekend away (sixteen of us) to celebrate the big SIX-O of a special family member. 

Above was this morning’s breakfast. To continue last night’s post on baked potatoes, it goes without saying that you should always put a couple of extra spuds in the oven: they make great fried potatoes the next day and give you a meal in minutes. 

I needed some serious stamina today, hence the breakfast. I had to pack and wrap; assemble a cake and do finishing touches to a photo album; all the while sweating away as the heating was on full.  It is an inevitable part of going away that I must always be drying clothes right up until the last minute. Sometimes I even take a bag of damp clothes with us to our destination to dry there. It’s infuriating but some things never change.

This morning while eating my two eggs, fried potatoes and cherry tomatoes, I wrote a timeline of everything that needed to be done and when it would be done. I got up to 11am and screwed the list up into a ball. I was going to have to wing it: according to the list there was not enough hours in the day for what I wanted to achieve.

This photo sums up my last moment of calm until now; It’s been non-stop. But here we are in a house in the woods, far away from any traffic or street lights and altogether with family members, which last happened a year and a half ago, so it’s been very much worth it. 

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