Mother’s Day Roast Beef written by Daisy

Today, I (Daisy) am taking over Mummy’s blog because it’s Mother’s Day and she deserves a break.

This is how the day started. Daddy beckoned me and Ollie to come downstairs. We started getting the presents ready while Mummy enjoyed a lie in. Ollie suddenly got out his sword and started thrashing everyone. This was not very enjoyable. We went back upstairs and snuggled in with Mummy while she opened her presents. 

After present opening me, Daddy and Ollie went downstairs to make coconut pancakes. Ollie started mixing the pancake mixture while I laid the table. Then it was my go. I poured the mixture into the pan, waited a bit and then turned over pancake after pancake after pancake. Finally, we called Mummy to come downstairs for breakfast.

“Delicious Pancakes!” said Mummy with her mouth full. “These are better than the ones that I made!”

“That’s because I used coconut oil to fry them in” said Daddy proudly.

Suddenly, I drowned my pancakes with maple syrup.

“Now look what you’ve done!” said Mummy.

“It was an accident!” I said.

When everyone had finished breakfast Mummy wiped off all of her make-up and said goodbye to us. She was going to have a make-up appointment as a Mother’s Day treat from Daddy, me and Ollie.

All of a sudden, me and Daddy realised that Ollie was quiet.

“You know what that means” said Daddy.

“Yes” I replied. “He is up to no good”

I went into the lounge and found Ollie playing with all of my Lego Friends lego. 

“What are you doing?” I said.

Ollie looked at me with a mournful face and hung his head.

“Right. Put that lego back now!” I said angrily.

I helped Ollie pick up all of my lego from the floor.

Then, I started building it – which was actually a bit mean.

Ollie got really upset for the next couple of minutes and he nagged me to let him help me.

Meanwhile, Mummy had come back from town and her and Daddy were panicking like mad.

“Lynsey and Laurence are arriving in four minutes!” cried Mummy.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. I was the only one available because mummy was picking up all the Lego that baby Tommy might choke on, so I opened the door. It was Lynsey and Laurence and Tommy. We all greeted each other with massive excitement.

I was meant to be helping Daddy cook but from all the excitement I ended up leaving poor Daddy to cook on his own. It got closer to dinner time and everyone’s bellies were rumbling. All at once, Daddy appeared in the doorway with the lovely dinner we’d all been waiting for. We sat down and everyone immediately tucked in.

For dinner, we had roast beef with dairy free Yorkshire puddings and some vegetables.

After dinner, I made up a quiz for all the adults. They were surprisingly good at answering all the questions. 

We’ve had a lovely day and now we’re going to watch a film before bed.

Good night and happy mother’s day to everyone.


11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Roast Beef written by Daisy”

    1. I like the carrot writing too!! How are Rio and Jordi doing?❤️❤️❤️🎉😃😛💎💎💎🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🎁🎁🍌🍌🍅🍴🍴🍟🍗😘


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