Toulouse Sausages with Roasted Pumpkin

Everytime I open the fridge, the pumpkin is staring back at me. It’s hugeness takes up the whole of the middle shelf. The guilt vegetable. If only it wasn’t so labour-intensive: all that hacking, and peeling, and chopping, and scooping, then maybe it wouldn’t be the last veg standing at the end of the week. I can hardly face it today. You’re supposed to let yourself off the hook on a Friday, not be tackling your kitchen nemesis.

Except that the fridge is pretty bare. And we need something to go with the sausages I found in the freezer. 

The veg-box man’s words are ringing in my ears: ‘Just cut it like a melon and roast it.’ I take a deep breath, a swig of tea and a sharp knife. Right, let’s do this. 

It’s done in under five minutes. I chuck the sausages on the same oven tray, plus a sliced onion for the gravy, and finally a handful of cherry tomatoes. Everything roasts away for half an hour at 200 degrees. It’s a surprisingly easy dinner, and the sweet, caramelised pumpkin tastes so good with the richness of the Toulouse sausages. 

Having a veg-box delivered has many benefits. There are the obvious things: it’s organic and seasonal; it makes you eat a greater variety of vegetables; but there are also the hidden benefits. In the early years of getting a delivery I had a new-born and a three year-old and things were, er, a struggle. The veg box arriving also equalled A CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE. The brain cogs would start turning, I’d speak, sometimes laugh, and at the end of those few minutes, I’d feel a little bit more human again. 

Over the years there’s been other benefits: great advice – what to do with a pumpkin, how to grow asparagus, what manure to put where; and reassurance: yes it is ok to the type of person who follows three recipes for marmalade-making; and knowledge: The Bridge is better than The Killing, you need to watch it now. 

So next time you consider getting a box ( I know a few of you are thinking about it), remember there’s so much more to it than JUST vegetables. 

3 thoughts on “Toulouse Sausages with Roasted Pumpkin”

  1. : DELISH! great cooking/great work S …Love the GUILT vegetable…we all have those …..a couple of fennel have been scowling at me for over a weekI BTW: have Holt chorizo sausages , and treacle cured bacon waiting here for you to take home.xxxxx

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  2. You know, about a year ago my kids were addicted to fish fingers, chicken dippers and all the other typical ‘kids’ foods and I never would’ve considered a veg box as most of the contents would’ve been wasted. But after reading this last night I am thinking maybe we are ready to give it a go. I love the idea of it and am still a bit concerned that the kids would reject most of it at first but you’ve inspired me to keep trying with new things and not just give up and go back to the easy options that I know they will eat. They’ve come so far already. I’m really proud of them and it’s so helpful reading this so thanks! xxx


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