Sunshine Smoothie

This photo sums up today: we’ve been joined at the hip. Ollie is scared of quite a few things and today his fearfulness reached new heights. It now includes people on mobility scooters, and men dressed in black. (It’s how I imagine living with Sybil Fawlty’s mother might be like: She has these morbid fears: Vans is one. Rats. Doorknobs. Birds. Heights. Open spaces. Confined spaces. It’s very difficult getting the space right for her.  Footballs. Bicycles. Cows. And she’s always on about men following her, I don’t know what she thinks they’re going to do to her. Vomit on her, Basil says.)

So we’re struggling home from the school run; one minute Ollie is plodding along on Stinger, the next he is trembling in my arms, whimpering. I look around to see what has caused the scare but there is nothing, the street is empty, a tumbleweed moment, EXCEPT for two mobility scooters that have just gone past. A man & woman innocently going about their business with an array of teddies  clipped to their baskets.

I prise Ollie’s arms from round my neck and try to get some sense out of him. As his feet touch the ground he catches sight of two men in black walking towards us.

“Aaah!” He screams. “They’re burglars! They’re thieves! They’re going to take me away!” I clap my hand round his mouth before he can say any more. 

Trying to travel home with a child attached chimp-like to your back, whilst hunched over a small bike with stabilisers bashing your heels, is excruciating. 

At home he sticks to me like glue. At one point we are both in the broom cupboard together which makes manuvouering the Hoover out very difficult. He won’t leave my side because he thinks there are ‘people in the house’ I don’t know whether to laugh or be afraid. Maybe he’s one of those children who can see the supernatural? Poor child has my highly strung genes so I’m partly to blame.

We make this smoothie to take his mind off ‘the others’ in the house, (and to use up the tin of grapefruit segments going old in the fridge.)  

I had a juicer once but I think it may have succumbed to one of Tom’s clean ups. Anything that doesn’t have a proper home is rounded up and taken to the tip. The same happened to the microwave. One minute it was there in the outhouse, the next, I went to heat up a take away and it had gone. You have to watch him like a hawk.

So this was done in a food processor. A blender would do the same. It would make a great breakfast for recluctant eaters: the juicy, tangy flavour is delicious and the oats make it more substantial.


  • one banana
  • four grapefruit segments 
  • quarter of fresh pineapple, peel off, core removed
  • juice of one & half large oranges
  • 2 tbsp (ground) oats

Put it all in a food processor or blender. Whizz for 30 seconds. Check the taste and consistency. Add more squeezed orange juice if too thick, a tsp of honey if needs sweetening. 

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