Feedback Fifty

So 50 posts into a year long blog and I’m giving myself a breather. No recipe tonight but I can tell you that our lunch-time chips off the market tasted pretty good. 

What started as just a year long food record for Daisy and Ol has turned in to a whole lot more, and I’d like your feedback before I plough headlong into the next 300 days. 

What, if anything, would keep you reading? What type of posts have you enjoyed the most? How could I improve things? And are there any types of recipes you’d like to see more of?  Any feedback in the comments section would be much appreciated.

I’m time-poor but suggestion-happy in that the blog is written in the evenings when I’m dog-tired and the kids are usually playing up about going to bed, BUT I’m always up for new ideas.

Many positives have come from this project, namely that my anecdotal stand up routines to Tom every evening are a little shorter because I off-load on you guys; and secondly that my fanatiscm for correct grammar and punctuation as been knocked out of me (you can’t write this much EVERY night and have high standards), and d’you know what? It’s a release! Yes, I can start a sentence with ‘And’ if I want!

To end: a BIG thank you for reading this far, and here’s to more food & eating & laughs Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

23 thoughts on “Feedback Fifty”

  1. WOW:50 ! AWESOME SAR’: THAT’S HOW NOVELS GET BUILT! And what to say …..apart from love it : keep it coming ..on the food front delicious plus short cuts and clever twists always go down well. For instance by chance today I saw an Indian Spice Box on Amazon with 7 containers for key spices for curries for £12:00….I’d love to have a basic …I use xyz and often w….it’s always in the cupboard and bosh ( always have light coconut milk tin in stock !) Likewise for stir fries ….LOVING what you’re doing and you’ve got a real talent for witty reportage meets recipefest:back on the track chef …you’ve only got another 9 months to do !!….XXXXXXXXbarbsX

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  2. What keeps me reading:
    I love the ‘anecdotal stand up routine’ best: The everyday adventures and dramas of family life; the trips down memory lane; the small details I can identify with (never getting a hot cuppa, stealing a moment to eat your breakfast and stare out of the window). It’s all anchored by the food, which always looks appealing in the images. The fact that you manage to cook (or at least throw together!) amazing dishes from scratch in the midst of anarchy (slightly dramatic there, but it’s catching ;)) is as inspiring as the recipes themselves.

    What I want more of:
    Time /money saving ideas; tips for reluctant (child) eaters; using leftovers / stray bits in the fridge; tasty twists on staples (cheese /beans on toast etc) / simpler versions of more complicated dishes. Oh, and do some more baking, yer lazy sod.

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    1. Thanks, Cat! This is the first thing I read this morning and it brought tears to my eyes (I don’t know why!) and a smile to my face. Deffo going to try and incorporate some of your time/money saving tips and yes, I will be baking today! Xxx


  3. I think this is all good but I think you could do it a couple times a week on a sort of merged made up day using incidents menu etc from previous day or do. Then you could prep it in the morning when you have time. 2 or 3 times a week more than enough. You could also develop your website to have a recipe section. Plenty of YouTube videos in how to develop WordPress sites. You could also cut and paste your family bits into a weekly or monthly blog/column and try and get published or make them chapters of a future book to sell. Alfie’s mad family. Either way keep creating. You do it very well.

    Love as ever. Pops


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    1. Hi Pops, I wanted it to be a daily thing for the kids, but you are right that it would be better structured and more organised if just done a couple of times a week. That way I could even get out a pretty tablecloth to photograph the food on, rather than the hurried pics with the same old background. Def need to develop the website, but I’d need you on standby (in the same country!) to take my calls on it ; ) Enjoy France. X


  4. I love the blog sarah – brilliant mix of hilarious family capers and lots of inspirational recipes (especially like the alternative diet suggestions) to try! Anecdotal stories from childhood always have me grinning and chuckling too. Will be lovely for Daisy and Ollie to read the blog in years to come. Xx

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    1. Thanks, Amy! I always think of you with the dairy-free recipes. I’m trying to resist following in your footsteps and re-watching all the Engrenages series because it means blog writing will go on even later into the night…. X


  5. Well done on doing 50! I love it as you know. On the food front what I’m really interested in are fairly simple, tasty meals that the kids might like to expand our repertoire a bit so any feedback on how the food went down with Daisy and Ollie and any tips for encouraging them would be good. However, I’d definitely keep reading if there was no recipe involved! It’s the hilarious anecdotes that have really got me hooked and actually helped keep me sane this half term! You are super talented and if you could write a book as funny as your blog I’d put money on it becoming a best seller. I’d definitely buy it anyway! Whatever direction you decide to take the blog in I’ll be looking forward to next installment! xxx

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  6. Just done my weekly shop and next week will be cooking fish tacos and maya gold chilli (takes me a while to get organised) for us all at some point so will let you know how we all get on 🙂 oh and I did do a savory pancake inspired by the ones you did but with ingredients I had in the fridge (sundried tomato pesto, salami and parmesan!) and it was absolutely delicious! xx

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    1. Ah so glad to hear! You definitely win the award for having tried the most recipes from the blog – thank you! And enjoy the fish tacos and chilli, they’re two of my favourites! X


  7. Daniel is a bit sick of me saying, ‘you must read Sarah’s blog, it’s hilarious!’ On a daily basis 😉 I am addicted to your posts. Love reading about the kids and daily life. This isn’t meant to be a criticism but I think you have two blogs in one! I love the way you write. Ollie and Daisy are cracking me up. I guess any changes depend on who you want your target audience to be, food fans or friends/family, or both! I think you focused on food more in the beginning but the blog just keeps evolving. Do you know you are a fabulous photographer too? I just want to eat the pictures. The food ones anyway 😉 Keep it up. What a wonderful diary of the last 50 days and recipes. Loving your work. Mwaaaaah! X

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    1. Hi Fiona, thanks for the lovely message & glad you like the pics – I think they need a bit of work, but it’s hard to cook, look after the kids, serve up dinner, stop the fighting AND be David Bailey…… X


  8. I have enjoyed so so much reading your blogs. I love the recipes but even more than that I love your funny stories. We live far apart but it makes it easier getting a funny glimpse into what you are up to…all based around delicious food! Looking forward to hearing the next 50! X

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    1. 1. Don’t change anything, let it emerge naturally and follow your intuition. It’s amazing.
      2. Don’t write for us; write this as you are and cook for yourself and it will be fan-tastic.
      3. That’s it. Don’t think the fun out of it. It’s all good. (SO GOOD)

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