Fish Tacos with Beach Bum Salsa

It’s Shrove Tuesday at last. Daisy’s been counting down the days since last March, such is her love for pancakes. And yet we won’t be eating them today. In fact, Daisy positively cried when I suggested having some for pudding. “Please mum! I’m begging you! Not pancakes, anything but pancakes!” 

The family have pancake-fatigue. It’s a condition well-known to food blog families. They have been my pancake guinea pigs for the last few days and we’ve gorged ourselves on breakfast pancakes, savoury pancakes, gluten free coconut pancakes. I even considered a recipe for courgette and sweetcorn pancakes for tea tonight ( ) but I couldn’t do it to them. We’re sick to the back teeth of the damn things. So while the rest of Britain will be indulging, we will be having Fish Tacos with Beach Bum Salsa. 

We need a good dose of colourful fruit and vegetables to counteract all that batter we’ve been eating. This meal is in my Top Ten dinners. It’s from a favourite recipe book Less Meat, More Veg by Rachel de Thample. Essentially, you need to: 

  1. Make the pineapple salsa
  2. Make some batter
  3. Dip fish pieces in to the batter & fry
  4. Warm some tortillas
  5. Place the crispy fish, avocado, lettuce & salsa in the tortilla
  6. Wrap up and eat

Please learn from my mistakes though, and make the salsa before-hand. It’s utterly delicious but takes time. I had two ratty kids in the car, an hour’s drive and the knowledge that I had to spend half an hour chopping up a pineapple when I got home. 

5 thoughts on “Fish Tacos with Beach Bum Salsa”

  1. These look great! I’m always keen to try new fish recipes and Riley, who is the usually the one who needs the most encouragement to try new things, looked over my shoulder just now and said he’d like to try these! Because he’s always been more fussy our regular meals all seem to be based on Freya’s favorites so it would be great to find some new dishes that he really loves. I’ll let you know how we get on! xx

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    1. Hi Joni! If he likes fish and chips, he’ll love the fish in this recipe, all crispy batter and delicious. I used frozen fish (& defrosted it first) to make it cheaper. You just need to dry the fish on kitchen roll first if you use frozen as it can be wetter, and you don’t have to add coriander to the batter (I didn’t) as this might put him off! X


  2. Had these last night and they were delicious. I was amazed at how simple the batter was and good tip to use frozen fish as it was very tasty cooked this way and pretty cheap to do. Both kids loved the fish so next time I’d do more than the recipe recommends of that as I had to say no to them when they asked for more (I must have put too much in our first ones). Will do this again. Thanks 🙂

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