Chocolate Heart Muffins with Cherry Icing

Oliver: lover of Lego, master negotiator. 

We go to the supermarket to buy ingredients for the above cakes. I hope to succeed where I’ve previously failed on our supermarket trips: managing expectations.

Ollie we are only going in here to buy things for the cakes – eggs and sugar – no Lego. Not even a £2.50 Lego figure. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mummy,” he says reluctantly. 

We go in, pick up what we need, have a minor fracas about what to buy grandma for Valentine’s Day (Ollie thinks she’d love a bottle of Celebrations chocolates, I think Thorntons), and we are almost home and dry and at the till when he announces he needs to choose his Valentine’s Egg. A new one on me. 

An argument ensues and from here things get hazy….. The next thing I know, I’m coming round in a Costa and I’m holding a Lego instructions manual in my hand. 

What the heck has happened?! How have I got here? It’s like we arrive at the supermarket, Ollie surreptitiously drugs me, leads me to the toy aisle, chooses some expensive Lego, gets me to pay for it, forces me to a Costa, puts in an order for his regular babychino and slips the Lego instructions into my hand ready for when I come round. 

I look up, confused, and slowly sip the tea that’s been put in front of me.  I obligingly start building the Lego.

Erm Ollie I thought the agreement was no Lego?”

“You know, mum! (his new favourite expression) We couldn’t find a Valentine’s egg, so I had to get some Lego!”

Oh right. The whole Valentine’s egg debacle. So he’s somehow used this to dupe me in to buying him some Lego. I’m still confused as to how it all happened. 

We finish assembling the Lego puppy training camp, and drain our cups. As we walk out into the spring sunshine, I have a feeling of déjà vu. I been here before. Many times. I look down and Ollie is smiling a knowing smile.

I can’t let this happen again, I think. 

If you would like to have a go at these chocolate muffins with cherry icing, please see the link below:

The cherry icing is great. I’ll use it again, but the muffins were light, too light to withstand having hearts punched out of them. This was not my finest baking hour. I’d try a different muffin recipe next time.

And here’s after I went mad with some Jane Asher sprinkles from Poundland:

One thought on “Chocolate Heart Muffins with Cherry Icing”

  1. Ha ha Sarah I feel your pain! Supermarket trips either end in a tantrum or me buying something depending on how I’m feeling that day! Enjoying your humour and honesty as ever 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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