Heavenly Fish Pie

Ummm this tastes so good. It’s one of my favourite dinners!” Tom Collier, 6.12pm, Saturday 7th Feb 2015. 

There is a lot to love about this fish pie, but for me the true coup is that it tastes so luxurious without containing any dairy. 

Before I get onto fish pie though, I must back-track to last night’s pizza. Wow! It’s been consuming my thoughts and judging from your comments on Facebook, it has yours too. While I was sitting in my dressing gown, hunched over the iPad, feverishly reading reviews of pizza stones, with my finger hoovering over the ‘BUY ME! BUY ME!’ button on Amazon, comments on the pizza post were pouring in. 

I awoke to pictures of Tracey’s pizzas in Oz, fresh out of the oven; Iain and Neil persuaded us all we needed a pizza stone and extolled the virtues of polenta; Fiona offered her husband’s honey-containing dough recipe; Mel admitted to soggy bottoms; Lucy introduced the concept of the knuckle pummel; and Rachel went to a DIY store and bought a terracotta flagstone to cook her pizza on. 

But perhaps most dramatically, Natalie cooked pizzas for guests today and gave us live, nail-biting updates, (then left us hanging for five hours) before reporting back that phew! for the first time ever, her pizzas had been a success…..

Tonight’s dinner may not get you as excited as pizza does, but it still tastes pretty darn good and is a wonderful comfort food in this freezing weather. 

When I had to stop eating dairy and gluten, I assumed my love-affair with fish pie would have to stop too. I didn’t eat the stuff for several years, until last month when I had such a craving, I thought I’d give it a go with coconut milk and coconut oil, and would you believe it, it blooming well works and tastes every bit as good without any coconuty after-taste. 

I’m hearing of more young children who can’t tolerate dairy too, so this would be a great meal for them (maybe just omit the wine!), and for kids in general, as it contains lots of oily fish (therefore lots of Omega 3) without them even realising……


5 thoughts on “Heavenly Fish Pie”

  1. Just planning our meals for the week and your fish pie is on the menu which I’m excited about! How essential would you say the coconut oil is as it’s £5 and I’ve never used it before so I’m a bit worried it will not get used other than for this? What else can you use it for? Is it worth getting?

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  2. Made this last night. Best dairy free fish pie ever! So creamy and delicious. It was much enjoyed by all of us (except Riley who’d stuffed himself on the pizza Freya bought back from cookery club so couldn’t be persuaded to try something new this time. Lots leftover though so I’ll get him when he’s hungrier tonight)! Thanks for the recipe. This will definitely be a regular for us now! Xxx

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