Chocolate Coconut Flapjack

Saturday morning starts like many others: me lying in bed, with my head telling me to: ‘Get up! Get up now! You’re going to be late to get Daisy to her drama class! Everything will be a horrid rush’… And my body urging me to shut my eyes and snuggle down for a few more minutes (all day I’ve had that My Body, My Body’s Telling Me Yes song going round & round in my head….). 

After half an hour of mental battling I get up and am sent head-long into a day of mad rushing. Breakfast for four, fed the cat, stop the fighting, have a shower, debrief Tom on what needs to be done while I’m gone, argue with Daisy about her choice of footwear (no, high heels are not suitable), find the car keys….

Two hours later Tom and I rendezvous at a kid’s party. He’s brought Ollie & I’ve brought Daisy. I have my first cup of tea of the day perched on a child’s chair. A perfect pit stop. I could sit there all afternoon watching the musical chairs crew going round & round, but there are bags to be packed and scarves to be knitted. We are going to the seaside for joint-family birthday celebrations and are staying the night at auntie Barbs’s. We’ve been looking forward to this all week, so why are we not more organised?! 

Tom & I have a quick tete a tete about what I need to do when I get home. “You’ll need to pack for the four of us, finish knitting the last 20 rows of the birthday scarf, add tassels & find someone to feed the cat,” I am instructed. 

But I wanted to make some birthday chocolate flapjacks,” I whine. Tom points out that this is completely and utterly out of the question. I will have an hour at home and I’ll never get it all done. The flapjack-making has been chopped from the to-do list. “Yes darling, you’re completely right, darling.” Is what I think I say. 

And yet as soon as I walk in the door (alone at last!) I immediately turn on the oven, fill up the kettle (caffeine levels aren’t nearly high enough), and dig out the flapjack recipe. I spend a therapeutic half hour melting coconut oil and golden syrup, and weighing out oats and desiccated coconut, all the other more important things have gone from my mind. 

Until, all too soon it’s over and the kids come bursting in with party bags and wearing masks, and the delicious coconuty smell wafting through the house gives me away, as does the lack of a suitcase in the hall or the knitting which clearly has no tassels on it, and which will have to be finished in the car, but that is another story….

If you’d like to have a go at these truly delicious flapjacks, please see the link below. 

I especially love them because they are dairy & gluten free, using coconut oil instead of butter. The recipe suggests using date syrup instead of sugar. I used golden syrup (what’s flapjack without golden syrup?!) 

They make a great dessert because they are rich, and go exceptionally well with some cream. Enjoy!

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