It’s been one of those days. Daisy’s been off school ill and no cooking’s been done. In fact meals have gone out the window and it’s been a steady stream of snacks instead. At least Daisy hasn’t lost her appetite!

These guys (above) made an appearance at about 3.30pm, just as the snow was starting to come down and we watched it swirling out of the kitchen window. 

Making snacks into appealing animals might seem a bit excessive, but if you’ve ever had a fussy eater, you’ll know that you sometimes go to strange lengths to get them to eat. 

Take the giraffe I made yesterday. There’s no way Ollie would’ve eaten a wholemeal pitta if it hadn’t been disguised as the torso of a giraffe (with squashed raisins for the spots): 

If you’ve ever gone to strange lengths to get your kids to eat, please share! 

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