Briden Bananas & Cream

This post is dedicated to the three Briden girls who we shared this pudding with many moons ago. 

Every parent should have this dessert in their culinary armoury. It’s a winner and requires very little effort. There are just two crucial things to remember: 

1) the cream must be squirty.

2) the child must be allowed to do their own squirting. 


  • I small banana per child, sliced
  • Squirty cream (don’t get the ‘light’ stuff, too sweet) 

Optional extras

When we were eating this in the early nineties, the only extra on offer was ‘crunchy sugar’ ie: demerara, sprinkled on top (thanks for that memory, Lucy!) 

But any of the following can be sprinkled or drizzled on top: 

  • Chocolate, grated
  • Sprinkles
  • Raisins
  • Dried apricots, chopped
  • Flaked almonds
  • Nuts, crushed 
  • Desiccated coconut

You’d be surprised at how much fun can be had with a can of squirty cream. The fun is all in having control of the cream can. Ollie loves this pudding so much that it can be used as a bargaining  chip for good behaviour, or leverage to get him to eat the veg from their first course. 

Tonight I had four children for tea at short notice. No fear, we had cream in the fridge (as I urge every parent to have at all times!) & bananas in the fruit bowl, so pudding was sorted. I arranged a plate of sprinkles (see below) and we played a game where I went into the lounge (and lay on the sofa with my eyes shut!), while they each created a picture with the cream, bananas and bits & pieces. I then had to guess whose pudding belonged to who. 

It wasn’t hard to tell. The girls did sensible faces, whilst Lucas did a ‘football’ which consisted of filling the whole bowl with a lot of cream, then delicately placing raisins here and there to represent the black spots of a ball. There wasn’t a slice of banana in sight…..

Daddy’s Delight

If Tom’s around and allowed to be in charge of pudding(!), he soups up ‘bananas & cream’ to the slightly over-kill version: Daddy’s Delight. The kids go crazy for this chanting: ‘Daddy’s Delight! Daddy’s Delight!’ whilst banging their spoons on the table. 

This version has the added elements of ice cream, golden syrup and melted down chocolate bars drizzled on top of the already existing bananas & cream. See what I mean about over-kill! 

At Christmas he broke up chocolate coins and sprinkled them on top,  at Easter it was melted down Easter eggs. His ‘Daddy’s delight’ knows no limits and obviously the children love him for this, but this recipe comes with a word of caution: Daddy’s Delight is a lot more effort and within three mouthfuls the children inevitably feel sick, leaving you with a sticky, sweet mess that you feel obliged to finish off in the name of not wanting to see anything go to waste…. Choose this version at your peril ; ) 

The kids and I finished dinner off with a fire in the garden. If I was to write an alternative parenting book, two of my essential tips for any parent would be: 

  1. Always have a can of squirty cream in the fridge. 
  2. Buy a garden incinerator (B&Q 20quid) and teach your children how to build a fire.

Ok, maybe only pyromaniacs would agree with no. 2, but look at how much they love it (you can just about see through the glass!) 

Good night! 

5 thoughts on “Briden Bananas & Cream”

  1. blimey Sar why would they go to tea with anyone else in the whole world ? You just gave them THE world on a pate and then ,all over again outside!! Happy days ,happy kids , exhausted mum & Daddy’s delight ..what a cocktail !!!! Top blogger : loving your work xbarbsx

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