American Breakfast Pancakes

Tom’s birthday today. Always a relief as it means we are the same age again, and I am (for 5 brief months) no longer the older woman. 

As is tradition, we always have pancakes for birthday breakfasts, and for the last two years Daisy has made them. She is more than capable, and yet I still find myself breathing down her neck about whether they are ready to flip or not. She just bats me away with the fish slice and tells me to sit down. 

I use Nigella’s American Breakfast Pancake recipe: 

And we have them one of two ways:

1) with streaky bacon and maple syrup OR

2) with raspberries, bananas & maple syrup OR

3) my preferred option – think you’re going to have option (2) then eat two rashers of bacon off the grill while you’re waiting for your pancakes to be done. Streaky bacon is so good, it’s irresistible. 

I didn’t have time to make myself a separate gluten free batter, so I had the ingenious idea of using a packet of gluten free Yorkshire Pudding mix instead. Bit of a crazy idea but it made delicious pancakes and I will do it again. 

Right, time to get back to the birthday fun! Happy weekend. X

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