Daisy’s Breakfast Greek Salad

So in the name of fairness (after showing Ollie’s porridge yesterday), I thought I’d better show Daisy’s standard breakfast, which is a little unusual. Every morning she asks for a Greek salad. I don’t know where this has come from. We are not Greek & have never been there on holiday with them, but I can hardly complain. It’s a bit of a faff & sometimes I beg her to have a piece of toast like any other child, BUT at the end of the day she’s voluntarily asking for vegetables so it’s hard to say no. 

This is how she likes it: 

INGREDIENTS (serves 1)

4 cherry tomatoes, cut in half

Cucumber, 5cm section with skin cut off then chopped

5 green olives, cut in half 

Feta cheese, cut into 5 small cubes

Olive oil,  to drizzle on top

Balsamic vinegar, to drizzle ( optional)

Put all the ingredients in a bowl with a little olive oil on top. Voila! 

In Daisy’s case, she likes her breakfast with a cup of milky Earl Grey tea & a straw. The jazzier the better. At the moment they are both drinking out of cocktail straws which I bought from Tiger: 

Today Daisy went to school as Pippi Longstocking for School Book Day. My achievement of the day is getting her plaits to stick up thanks to some clever use of gardening wire (thanks, Beccy!): 

Happy Friday! 

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