Egg & Chips 

After a day of DIY (Tom) & kids’ parties (me & the kids), egg & chips seemed like the perfect Sunday-night tea (plus we had nothing much else in…) 

Post-party, I was helping Daisy have a sort out of room so she could put things on her new shelves, which were a surprise from Tom when we got back from the party. 

Unsurprisingly,  she was more interested in reading out bits of last year’s journal to me rather than picking up all the Lego & hair bobbles off the floor. 

In the meantime, Tom & Ollie we’re tackling the bomb site that was Ollie’s room. Suddenly it was 5pm & we were all starving and a bit grouchy & there was only a handful of oven chips in the freezer which was not the plan(!) 

We found some potatoes at the back of the fridge & while Tom peeled, I cut them into chips. Time was of the essence, blood sugar rates were dropping rapidly…. I rinsed the chips, dried them in a tea towel & tossed them in some olive oil & pink Himalayan salt (Aldi’s finest).   

Then I put them on a baking tray with the oven chips & cooked for 25min at 200C. Enough time to race upstairs & finish sorting, while Daisy organised her nail varnishes on two saucers. Not the most essential of tasks. 

A couple of fried eggs, plus beans & some leftover ham made the perfect tea. And Daisy certainly seemed to sleep well. Here she is snuggled up in her transformed room with a copy of Malory Towers (thanks, Nanna!) by her side & Alfie the cat wrapped round her. Just a new bed to buy now…..

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