Swede & Carrot Mash with Sausages & Onion Gravy

After a slovenly Saturday morning, we finally made it out to John & Lewis (the kids’ name), to exchange some things, buy some TV wires & have a much-needed cuppa in the cafe. The kids chose an expensive fruit tart to go with their hot chocolates. Somehow we spent two hours in J&L. Daisy did very well out of it coming home with new navy boots, a play suit & a new swimming cossie, none of which was on the agenda. 

I thought we were out of meat for the week but found 5 fat sausages in the freezer. A lovely surprise and a perfect accompaniment to the swede in the fridge that needed using up. 

Swede & Carrot Mash

1 swede

Equal weight in carrots

Knob of butter

Salt & Pepper

I peeled, chopped & boiled the swede until tender & did the same with the carrots except in a separate pan. Past experience has taught me that carrots take longer to boil. Once drained, I left them for some time until all the steam had vanished. Mashing too soon can make them taste wet. I don’t like mash to have a puréed consistency but swede & carrot is hard to mash by hand so I put it in the food processor & blitzed it with a knob of butter & lots of salt & pepper. No milk or cream though as this would add to the moisture. It still seemed a bit wet so I put it in an oven dish & grilled it for a few minutes. It went down well with Ollie, regardless of what the picture shows!  I wish my grandma was still around because she made the best swede & carrot mash. I wonder what her secret was….

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