Swimming Celebrations!

After a three week break from swimming lessons I thought the kids might be a bit rusty, but we were in for a few surprises! 

At the end of Daisy’s lesson she was led up to the deep end & told to jump in then swim the length of the pool (25m). I was waiting at the other end. She was doing front crawl & I never expected her to make it all the way because the breathing is so hard, but  she absolutely put her all in to it. Talk about effort! At 20m she had to swim under a rope & I thought she’d have to stop, but no, she pushed on! I had tears in my eyes & was openly shouting in front of the other parents ‘you can do it, Daisy!’ When she made it to the end Ollie & I leapt up & down clapping. What a girl! 

Ollie equally surprised us by doing 5m on his back completely out of the blue. Up to this point Ben – the helper – has dragged Ollie backwards and forwards every week while he just kicks his legs(!) This time Ben left him to his own devices & he shot across on his own. Clever boy!

To celebrate we went to Morrisons for tea (actually, we go quite often after swimming but this time they were allowed pudding too – Victoria Sponge). They had no salmon or fish & chips left so I was ‘forced’ to have sausage, egg, beans & chips (surprisingly delicious) while Daisy & I discussed the Charlie Hebdon situation which scared Ollie to death. 

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