The Seaside Six

Last day of hols & teacher training day. We had Hannah & Beth, and Lucas & Isla for the day. What a shock getting up while it was still dark! Took a long time to get going but by 9.30 we were all in the car – me & 6 kids – like the Swiss Family Robinson. The boys were in the back, the girls in the middle & Daisy, as my right-hand woman, in the front keeping everyone amused. 

Not much cooking happened today but lots of fun was had by all. First stop: Sheringham Park where we met Auntie Barbs & Poppy. So lovely to have a dog on the walk. The kids were great racing ahead & finding the blue arrows which marked our route. As we dropped down to the right we had views of the sea then another walk upwards to the ‘temple’ (see pic above) where we stopped for much needed hot chocolate (that flask is getting a lot of use at the moment) & coconut macaroons & chocolate biscuits. As we set off for the return leg the sun started to break through the misty clouds. So lovely. At the car we said our goodbyes to Barbs & the dog & set off down the hill to Sheringham.

There we had chips & orange Capri Suns eaten on the benches outside the chippie. 

After, we hit the amusements each child with their own bowl of 2ps. Good fun but some disappointment & tears when we left, on account of prizes not won. The boys did well though – Ollie won a truck & Lucas a rubber crocodile. 

Next stop the beach which was lovely. Climbing over rocks, collecting stones, dodging the waves, rock pooling. Really nice. It’s great hanging out with kids. 

Tired & reluctant children on the way home. Somehow they twisted my arm into getting them ice creams in January! 

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