Hot Potatoes & Prison

3rd Jan

Woke this morning in the top bunk with a weather forecast from Tom of heavy rain all day. Should we still go on our walk across Mousehold Heath to the new cafe at the prison? The answer was a resounding YES from me. Being cooped up inside with four children all day is not my idea of fun. 

Tom set us up nicely with smoked salmon & scrambled eggs, while the kids fought over the last of the Variety Pack. Ollie obviously saw this fight coming because he’d been hugging the last box of Coco Pops since he first came downstairs. 

After a long period of getting everyone ready – finding lost gloves, thick socks, wellies & waterproofs – we finally set off for Gilman Rd which leads onto the Heath. There we met Helen & Anna, Bhud & Elena, Hannah, Iain, Ella, Tommy & Molly the dog. 9 adults & 7 children. Even though we only live round the corner, we don’t know our way around the Heath, but Elena is a Naarich lass so we followed her on an good route. Daisy was the only child who managed to come out in canvas shoes, and both her & Ollie were the only children to get stuck/lost. Elena to the rescue!

We were all relieved to see the sight of the prison through the rain. The Britannia Cafe is on the ground floor of Norwich’s Victorian red-brick prison which has the best views over The city. It is run by prisoners & they gave us the back room so the kids could relax (ie: chase each other) without getting in to too much trouble. Actually, they were all so tired & hungry when they arrived that they sat quietly at their own table. Tom & I enjoyed the delux Britannia burger & chips with cheese & bacon. Mine without the bun. 

After another walk back to the car in which Tom unfortunately fell/slid down a muddy bank with Ollie on his shoulders, we were all shattered. We got out of our muddy clothes & crashed on the new sofas & watched back to back episodes of Outnumbered (I couldn’t face another Disney Christmas film). Bit of a mistake as Daisy now thinks she is Karen & spent dinner-time questioning everything we said….

By evening we were peckish so Tom put in some potatoes to bake & I made a salad with the stuff that had arrived in the veg box. We finished off the Boxing Day ham & the houmous from yesterday. Quite a delicious rustle-up. 

After a game of Donkey & some warm milk & chocolate coins, it was time for the kids’ bed. Good night! 

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