Happy New Year 2015! 

Welcome to SNAP (my dad’s word for grub/food/snacks). This blog stems out of a love of all things food related. My aim is to take a photograph a day of something we’ve eaten, baked or made, for a whole year. It will probably only be of interest to me(!) but hopefully there will something in amongst here that you find interesting too.

This is my first pic of the year. It’s New Year’s Day morning. The kids are watching cartoons & I’m on breakfast duty. I’ve extended my lie in for a long as possible by telling Ollie to ‘have a chocolate off the tree’ when he said he was hungry (start the new year with a bit of good parenting…) now it’s time to feed them properly. Daisy’s ordered a Greek salad, as is her wont, & Ollie spotted the variety pack that was bought for visitors at the weekend. I’ve gone for hot water & a slice of lemon with a chocolate crispy cake. Delicious. The pot of tea is for Tom snoozing upstairs but I’ve lost the lid. Happy New Year!

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